Who Makes Carquest Oil? Origins & Classification

Carquest oil seems to have become too popular among people who use cars as their primary means of transportation. 

However, despite the popularity of Carquest oil, we still regularly receive a few questions from the majority of users, such as “who makes Carquest oil?“. If you are also wondering about this question, this article is for you. Let’s explore and discover now:

What Is Carquest Oil?

Before answering the question mentioned just before, let’s find out what Carquest Oil is.

Like Pennzoil and Mobil 1, Carquest oil is the most commonly known among many users as a synthetic oil that provides perfect engine protection and plays a vital role in improving performance. In addition, the oil helps to reduce friction between parts on the engine, so the engine also avoids leakage.

And yet, thanks to the structural components of Carquest oil, it also has the feature to help save fuel and remove dirt that is left behind in the machine. Not only that, but Carquest is also suitable for various vehicle engines and provides absolute protection. 

However, according to the recommendations of some experts, this oil will be most ideal for car engines or high-performance engines.

In general, Carquest oils help car engines last longer as well as operate more smoothly and quietly.

Carquest Oil Historical Origins

Next, let’s learn about the historical origins of Carquest to know more about Carquest oil. As mentioned before, Carquest is one of the leading performance products in the industry and can work well for all different engines.

In addition, Carquest’s marketing and distribution association grew into a company and became known as Carquest Corporation. Since 1974, Carquest Corporation has been the leading auto parts distribution network in the United States and is operated by Advance Auto through affiliated retailers.

The company has become even more famous for its association with more than 60 warehouse distribution centers due to its forays into the automotive market. 

Especially, maybe you don’t know Carquest’s companies are widely distributed in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It is estimated that the company’s number of distribution stores reaches about 3,400 and this number has not shown signs of stopping.

One of the most prominent members of Carquest’s distribution is General Parts, which owned 1,400 stores across North America in 2011.

However, Carquest later ceded it to the Amalie oil company founded in 1903 with full development thanks to good products and top quality.

Who Makes Carquest Oil?

So that you don’t have to wait too long, continue reading the article to get the best answer to your question.

Basically, the answer was suggested by us just before. As mentioned just before, Carquest Corporation is the leading distribution company and brings products to consumers.

So what is the correct answer to this question? Without leaving you wondering for too long, the Amalie company is the most certified answer by experts. To explain this answer, experts say that Amile has been famous for a long time for providing liquids for multimedia. Furthermore, Amile was founded in 1903 in Pennsylvania.

Most of Amalie’s product line includes motor oils and other synthetic oils. And yet Amalie Oil Company also provides private label products to other small companies such as Walmart, O’Reilly, etc.

In general, up to now, the creator and developer of Carquest Oil is the leading lubricant company in North America, Amalie.

Common Carquest Oils

Currently, Carquest does not seem too strange to every user, especially those who use cars as a means of transportation. However, you may not know the classification of Carquest multi-purpose lubricants. 

There will be 4 popular Carquest oils that you will also come across most frequently on the market. You need to consider and make the most suitable choice with each different type according to other criteria, including weather factors and usage levels.

Here are the characteristics and functions of 4 popular Carquest oils that you should know and take the time to learn:

  • Conventional Oil: The first is the regular Carquest oil and the most common by most basic standards. It is compatible with most different engines, typically Ecotec (35). However, it is not valuable for inclement weather.
  • Synthetic engine oil: Unlike the conventional oils mentioned earlier, such as Supertech oil, the engine oil will add several additives to help protect your vehicle during travel. Basically, this oil helps to minimize leakage as well as reduce oil consumption to the maximum extent.
  • Fully synthetic oil: when using this oil, you will reduce the risks if the weather is inclement that day, especially when it is cold. In addition, it also protects the engine very well and is powerful.
  • High Mileage Oil: Best used under normal conditions. This oil can remove dirt and keep you safe on long trips quickly.


Besides the article’s question, we have received many questions similar to the above. So here are some of the questions that we often see customers ask the most; continue reading and research:

Is Carquest oil Valvoline?

Basically, CARQUEST brand lubricants are essentially recycled Valvoline oils. In effect, Carquest will wholesale from Valvoline and then bottle those oil bottles using the Carquest label.

Who makes Carquest oil in Canada?

Similar to the United States and Mexico, the leading lubricant company Amalie is also the creator of Carquest in Canada. Amalie is a company founded in Pennsylvania in 1903.

Is Carquest and AutoZone the same?

The answer is that there is no similarity between these two owners because, under the Carquest brand, General Parts is the most prominent member, with more than 1,200 small stores in operation. 

Meanwhile, AutoZone has more than 5,200 stores with approximately 72,000 employees and annual revenue of $9.3 billion.

Overall, this disparity is too significant.

Who bought out Carquest?

This question also received a lot of attention from users. The main answer is John Vomhof of the significant company Advance auto parts.

Where was Carquest founded?

GPI in North Carolina, with associates Joe Hughes of Indiana Department and Warehouse in Indianapolis and Dan M. Bock in Bon New York.


Finally, before we close, hopefully, you have a satisfactory answer about this popular oil.

Moreover, I hope you will understand that Carquest is just a distributor, and this brand has an outsourcing production system behind it.

If you have any questions and need answers, please leave a comment right below this article because we will send you the solution as soon as possible.

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