Toyota Bluetooth Add Greyed Out: How To Fix !!!

Connecting a car Bluetooth speaker is a favorite feature of all drivers. However, this feature does not always work effectively.

You discovered the problem of Toyota Bluetooth greyed out but didn’t know how to solve it. Don’t worry, and this article will help you quickly and effectively fix this problem.

Please refer to the following information to better understand the Bluetooth problem on your Toyota vehicle.

What Is Toyota Bluetooth?

A car Bluetooth speaker is an outstanding feature, and its quality also influences people’s car-buying decisions. Currently, most Toyota cars come with this feature.

Bluetooth is a wireless connection that you can use to connect electronic devices. It fulfills wireless communication in close distance between electronic devices.

This technology supports data transmission over short distances between mobile and fixed devices, creating personal wireless networks. Thanks to this, you can listen to music, receive calls with the car speaker while driving for safety.

You need to connect the device’s Bluetooth to your car to use this function. First, you need to enable this function on your vehicle and your electronic device, possibly a phone.

Then you allow the two devices to connect to your home. At this time, you will comfortably enjoy the music through the phone with the tranquil and excellent speaker system in the car.

In addition, it also supports other utilities such as receiving calls from relatives, friends, customers or simply checking location.

Why Does Toyota Bluetooth Greyed Out?

However, this wireless connection feature on your Toyota car is not always working correctly. One of the common problems during use is Toyota’s Bluetooth greyed out.

Before learning how to fix it, you should better understand what causes this condition.

Basically, Toyota’s Bluetooth grayed out can appear for many reasons. They can come from electronic devices such as your phone, tablet, etc. Alternatively, it could also be by a car’s connectivity feature problem.

This error usually occurs when the device and your car speaker cannot connect via Bluetooth. Specifically, some of the causes that lead to this problem are:

  • First, if you forget to turn on the Bluetooth feature on your device or car, this problem may appear. In addition, the issue of version incompatibility between these two devices also makes them unable to connect.
  • At the same time, because the Bluetooth feature consumes battery quite quickly, if your device is in a low battery state, the connection screen on the vehicle will also display the Toyota Bluetooth grayed-out error.
  • Besides, if you are moving into a noisy area, you cannot connect. In particular, the number of devices connected to the car is limited. So, in case the car speakers are already connected to the limit, you can’t do this with the new device either.

Beside this connection error, you may also face problems like Toyota CD Player Error 3 when using the car audio speakers.

Toyota Bluetooth Grayed Out: How To Fix

In fact, troubleshooting Toyota’s Bluetooth grayed out is not complicated at all. You can completely solve this problem yourself quickly and simply through a few ways as follows:

Check Bluetooth settings

First, you need to check the Bluetooth feature settings on your car and your device. Make sure you have connected them correctly.

You can access the settings section, then the Bluetooth feature settings to check more details.

Check connected devices

As mentioned above, the number of connected devices is limited. Therefore, you should also check what devices you have connected to your Toyota’s speakers. Usually, you can only connect to up to five other devices.

Therefore, if the phone is not connected and historically, the number of devices “paired” with the speaker has reached a limit, you should remove the other devices to make a new connection. Then you have successfully fixed this problem.

Check suitability and update new features

In some cases, you need to check the compatibility between your device and your car. You need to make sure you have both updated to the latest version to connect.

To check this conformity, you can visit the official Toyota website and see if the current version on your device is suitable. Your task is to update the most appropriate version on your phone to always connect to the speakers on your Toyota car.

Restore settings for phone and car Bluetooth

Another solution is to restore settings for both your device and your car connection. At that time, other information will be automatically deleted, and the two devices will return to their original state; you just need to reconnect to solve the problem.

In case Toyota Bluetooth grayed out due to going into an interference area, you should not try to solve the problem. Focus on moving to other locations and check the signal on your phone.

Try turning on the wireless connection between your phone and car if it works properly. Then there will be no more problems.

If you have tried all of the above methods but still have not successfully solved this problem, it is best to contact a technical staff. They will advise and assist you in solving the most practical problem.

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Thus, we have helped you better understand the wireless connection feature on Toyota cars. Hopefully, after reading this article, you were able to quickly and effectively fix the Toyota Bluetooth grayed-out problem so that you can have a great driving experience.

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