How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last?

How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last

The thermostat is in charge of monitoring and regulating the coolant’s temperature in your vehicle’s motor. Because the thermostat operates when your car is working, it will wear out over time. So, how long does a car thermostat last?  The thermostat typically lasts ten years. However, for many automobiles, the case may be different. This … Read more

Ruthenium Vs Iridium: Similarities & Difference!!!

Ruthenium Vs Iridium

Spark plugs are responsible for conducting electric current from the ignition system to the engine’s combustion chamber to ignite the fuel. Currently, spark plugs are from two common materials, Ruthenium vs Iridium. Both types of spark plugs have advantages and disadvantages, but they have good performance and are durable for vehicle engines. However, equipment in … Read more

How To Tell Positive And Negative On Car Battery?

How To Tell Positive And Negative On Car Battery

Nowadays, batteries are one of the indispensable devices for each of us. It is used for many different purposes, such as storing and supplying power to electronic products, motor vehicles. The battery has a relatively simple structure, consisting of 5 main components: anode, cathode, electrolyte, shell, and diaphragm.  However, distinguishing battery polarity is still tricky … Read more