How To Remove Window Tint Glue? 3 Simple Ways

Privacy is always a top concern when you own a car. To prevent outside glances from entering your vehicle, you can choose to stick dark films to limit the visibility of people around.

However, this product cannot be used forever. Once the films have been exposed to sunlight long enough, they will tear or indirectly transmit UV rays into your car. Therefore, if you see signs of tearing or bubbles appearing on the windows, you need to look for a new product to replace.

So, how to remove window tint glue? You can use 3 chemical methods, temperature and scrapping. In the following article, we will explain more closely to you these practical solutions.

Why Need To Remove Window Tint Glue?

Why Need To Remove Window Tint Glue

Tint glue is a product that is very visible to the naked eye. Here are 4 reasons why you need to remove them from windows:

Maintain window quality.

A window is a place that is directly exposed to the sun. If the UV index is high, it will affect your skin and health. So you should always check this part regularly to maintain its quality.

However, if there is tint glue on the window, what will be the consequences? Excess objects on the window will reduce the protection of the window. 

Even when the adhesive comes off, the film won’t be able to protect your privacy. Everyone around can see inside. Therefore, you need to remove window tint glue to detect problems in your windows promptly

Improve vision.

When the film is removed from the window, a large amount of tint glue will be deposited on the surface. These residual adhesives will obstruct your view to the outside. Especially in the rain, you will face a lot of difficulties.

Therefore, you need to remove the tinted glue altogether as soon as you remove the film. Swallows can easily observe everything around them. This removal needs to be done soon because the effect on visibility will be hazardous. You can have an accident if you don’t look closely.

Not only that, if this product settles on the window too much, you won’t be able to put a new film on. Since this adhesive adheres so tightly, it will interfere with your replacement work.

Make the car look better.

If you see your steering wheel cover showing signs of peeling, what do you do? To improve the aesthetic, you will inevitably replace a new body. Not only the steering wheel but all the parts in the car will need improvement to make your car look better.

A window covered in tint glue would look awful. Not only will it annoy you, but it will also make people around you see and judge. So you need to remove this adhesive to keep your beloved car clean.

Preparing to sell the car.

It will be necessary when you want to liquidate your car. Customers always want to receive vehicles in the cleanest state. If you have previously pasted the film to protect your privacy, you will need to remove them and also the tinted glue.

You need to make your car as new as possible. Even though it’s not a brand new car, you can make sure the customer is happy when they receive it. As a result, the car exchange will become more convenient.

How To Remove Window Tint Glue?

On the window surface, a little tint glue will also make you uncomfortable. Here are three ways to effectively remove this nuisance:

Scraping methods.

The actual Scraping method uses the available tools to pry the remaining stains on the window. 

Of course, you do not need to prepare too many different tools to perform this method. You just need to take a knife or other pointed object to start working. This solution is straightforward, and you do not need to spend too much money to implement it.

However, this method takes a lot of time because the tinted glue adheres very tightly. You will need to use a lot of force to remove large adhesives. If you find that there is not too much tint glue on the window after removing the film, you can do this method easily.

Use heat.

Another very effective solution is to use heat. The nature of tint glue is no different from everyday glue. So when melted, this adhesive can be removed very easily.

You can prepare a dryer or a flamethrower to do it. You can also turn on the heat in car to make the job easier. Because using a flamethrower is very dangerous, you need to bring protective equipment to ensure your safety.

This method is straightforward to do. Use the heat of a dryer or a flamethrower to melt the adhesive. Once the tinted glue has completely melted, you can use paper or an old towel to eradicate it.

Use chemicals

Finally, is the chemical method. In fact, glue can quickly dissolve with certain substances such as ammonia or alcohol. You can use products like nail polish remover and 90-degree alcohol to remove them from your window.

This solution is pretty much the same as you using heat. 

  • Apply chemicals on the surface that has the adhesive. 
  • After that, wait for a few minutes until the glue is completely dissolved with the substances. 
  • Then you use paper to wipe them off. One note is that you should only perform the method when the car is in a non-running car state.


Below, we will answer some questions related to the topic hat many people are wondering:

Can I do this work at home?

In fact, tint glue is just an adhesive that sticks to your windows. Therefore, you do not need to seek the help of auto repair professionals to remove this product. You can do it at home with the tools you already have.

In addition, the methods we have introduced above are the most effective solutions. You can easily do it alone or with your loved ones.

Can Goo gone remove window tint glue?

Goo Gone is also a spray cleaner so you can use them to remove tint glue. 

  • Instead of applying it directly to the surface of the window, this product has a spray tip so you can control how much you get out. 
  • Then you wait for a few minutes for the chemical to dissolve into the adhesive. 
  • Finally, you use a washcloth to remove all the residue on the surface of the window.


The adhesive on the window will cause a lot of danger to you and the people around. Therefore, you need to remove them immediately to improve the visibility and aesthetics of your vehicle. Hope the above article has helped you to have effective methods to remove window tint glue.

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