How to bypass ADS relay ? – 3 Steps

How to bypass ADS relay? If you are a professional mechanic or a car enthusiast, you will surely know this phrase. But if you don’t know, that’s okay. In the article below, we will introduce you more to this topic.

Thanks to this method, many cars have avoided unexpected problems such as stalling, engine failure, etc. Almost all mechanical experts have applied this tool to help vehicles last longer. Let’s learn more about what ASD relay is and how to bypass this part.

What is ASD relay?

ASD relay is an acronym for “Automatic Shutdown Relay.” This phrase is quite well known in the mechanical industry. This unit can control all modules capable of providing power, such as ignition rings, spark plugs fuel injectors, etc.

This product’s primary purpose is to automatically disconnect the fuel pressure from spark-generating devices. As soon as you disconnect the power with the key, this unit will transmit a signal to the entire engine and stop working. As a result, you can save a large amount of fuel.

However, this unit cannot always function correctly. If the ASD relay fails, your car can also shut down even on the road, which is quite dangerous for you and those around you.

Why Need Bypassing The Asd Relay?

Thanks to modern technology, all cars today use electronic engines. Parts like a car alarm can link together and automatically turn on/off when needed. An ASD relay is also one of the devices in that motor.

However, not all electronic components are capable of reacting correctly. Therefore, many mechanical experts have researched and created ASD relay bypass methods.

Thanks to this solution, you can prevent many possible serious consequences. For example, the check engine light is constantly on, but you don’t know why or worse, your car can’t move.

How to bypass ADS relay?

How to bypass ASD relay

Below, we will carefully guide the steps to perform bypassing ASD relay effectively:

Step 1: Check

The first step you need to do is check. Please define and open source the module. Inside, that part contains the ASD relay. Before doing any work, you need to determine the correct location of the features you are preparing to do. Because bypassing is not a simple method, you need to have in-depth knowledge of mechanics.

Then check the innerspring if the coil has no power from the car battery. At that time, you need to close the contact with the spring. This job is quite simple to do.

Step 2: Transfer energy

Next, you will need to supply power to the coil. Energy will make it possible for you to find flexible contacts. You will then start pulling the part in to proceed with the following steps.

This work will need to use the wiring diagram of the ASD relay. This guide will make it easier to go through the steps instead of doing it yourself. If you do not know the details, you can refer to the video tutorials of mechanical experts.

After successfully energizing contact 1, you will connect the other end of the contact. The procedure is the same as above.

Step 3: Lead the power cord through

Finally, locate the path that allows the power to flow through. Although the coil cannot fully receive all the energy, the current will begin to flow at this time.

Then you begin to remove the fuel pump and replace it with an electric fan. Inside the electric relay, there are 2 automatic latches, #30 and #87. You can use jumpers on those pins to prevent automatic tripping.

Tools To Prepare

Bypassing ASD relays use many different tools and devices. You need to prepare carefully so as not to affect this process.

The first is the necessary installation tools. It would help if you had insulating gloves, insulating pliers, springs, electric fans.

Next is the internals. Includes: 40/30 AMP 5 pin SPDT 12VDC. 40/30 AMP 12VDC four-pin harness,bosch 12V DC 120 Amp 4 pin switch, 80/60 AMP waterproof relay,…

In addition, preparing other tools to support it is necessary. Because each model has a different design, you can base on that to find and buy. You can consult experts about the condition of your vehicle and find the right products.


Bypassing ASD relays is quite a difficult job. So there are many questions related to this topic. Here are some of the questions we’ve compiled:

What causes the relay to fail?

As we stated above, not all electronic devices can work correctly. They will often encounter some errors when used for a long time. Here are the causes of ASD relay failure:

  • Unusual voltage spike: This spike will cause the engine internals not to adapt quickly. These changes will lead to severe damage to the relay.
  • Severely damaged contacts: Contacts are an essential part of ASD. However, if this product degrades, the life of the relay will also decrease. This phenomenon may occur because the contact has been corrupted or due to a failure of the trigger mechanism.

What are the telltale signs of a failed relay?

A lot of people have questions about this question. The first sign to realize that the relay has problems is that it is difficult or even impossible for you to start the car. When this part fails, the internal motor will not work correctly.

In addition, another sign is the sound. When you use the car, if you hear a clicking sound, that’s when this part needs to be repaired. You can still start the vehicle and move when this happens. But when stopped, they will make noise again.

Can I do it at home?

You can altogether bypass the ASD relay at home. However, as we said, this work is quite complicated. You need to have mechanical knowledge and a deep understanding of this part.

If you cannot afford to do it, the best way is to seek the help of professionals. They have many years of experience and mechanical knowledge to do this job. They will help you promptly detect and fix additional problems that you have not discovered.


A car that automatically disconnects when traveling on the road is hazardous. So it would help if you found a way to fix this problem. Bypassing the ASD relay is the right choice. Although this method is quite complicated, it will give you the desired effect.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you understand more about electrical relays and how to perform bypassing ASD relay correctly and get the results you want.

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