How To Bleed Abs Module Without Scan Tool?

Abs is gradually becoming one of the essential systems that any car model needs to be equipped with to ensure maximum safety for the driver. Characterized by an intelligent unit with a series of built-in sensors, the abs brake system can react to changes on its own, giving appropriate responses. 

But it is also because of the high complexity that we will need specialized tools if we want to re-align this part every time a problem occurs. So How to bleed abs module without scan tool? Please refer to the article below to get the correct answer.

What Is Abs?

Abs is an acronym for Anti-lock Braking System, a built-in safety system in the vehicle. Abs is not an individual part but a collection of many different elements that support the user’s braking process.

As early as the 1930s, the German brand Bosch had the idea of ​​​​designing a combination of different brake rings to prevent the wheel from slipping every time we brake, especially in urgent braking situations.

However, it was not until the late 70s that the company realized its research with the first electric Abs model. And from that time to the present, the ABS has become a must-have standard for cars to obtain licenses to operate in many different countries.

In addition, cars and this support system also appear more and more on modern motorcycle models.

What Is The Role Of Abs?

But as mentioned above, Abs is a safety system with an anti-slip function every time we break the car. In fact, this part will help us deal with the phenomenon of locking the brakes, thereby keeping the car moving smoothly and under the driver’s control. 

However, this does not mean that abs will completely handle problematic situations for us. Instead, this part only plays a supporting role, so you should not be too dependent on it and neglect to drive safely.

How Does The Abs System Work?

Despite being a collection of highly complex intelligent components, the basic operating principle of this system is straightforward. There will be a central processing chip in charge of analyzing the activity and the speed of the wheels. 

If one of the wheels suddenly becomes slower than the others, the CPU will immediately recognize it and adjust the pressure accordingly to avoid locking. In the opposite case, if the speed of any wheel exceeds the allowed limit, Abs will also immediately intervene to prevent an accident.

In addition, the system will also send notifications to the driver through the abs indicator lights or create vibrations in the brake pedal.

Is It Possible To Operate The Car When There Is A Problem With The Abs?

In theory, a problem with the ABS shouldn’t create so many issues that can directly affect the vehicle’s performance, like faults in other components deep within the engine. In other words, you can still operate the car typically even though the ABS is having problems.

However, operating a car in such a state is quite dangerous for our safety and those around us. Especially if traveling in extreme weather conditions or driving at high speeds with snow chains, problems with abs can indirectly lead to accidents.

Signs Of Abs Need Adjustment

The most obvious sign of a faulty ABS is the strange phenomenon when you apply the brake. Typically, locking makes it more difficult to control the car after braking and losing the feeling of driving.

In addition, we need to pay attention to the signs located right on the brake pedal because this position is also one of the easy-to-observe places to diagnose Abs errors. 

Normally, this part of the pedal will vibrate if the system works. But if you’re experiencing stiffness and still no response, we need to check it right away. Besides, if you feel that pressing the brake does not create the same feedback force as before, subsidence and foam appear, which is also a bad sign.

What To Prepare Before Bleed Abs?

To make bleed abs without specialized tools easier, we will need to prepare some of the following means.

  • Working tools such as wrenches and hammers, in addition, you also need to prepare screws as they may be needed
  • Protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and masks
  • Types of containers include clear plastic tubes, empty bottles, and syringes

In addition, you need to prepare a towel to clean after performing the calibration. Besides, this job will require at least 2 people, so ask for help from people around.

How To Bleed Abs Module Without Scan Tool

Preparation step

Just like how to clean pistons without removing, before getting into the primary operations, we will need to prepare some essentials. First, move the car to a well-lit place outdoors or near a light bulb to make it easier to manipulate. Then use the lifting tools to push the vehicle up and remove all the wheels from the original position.

Step 1

In this step, you will need to treat the old brake fluid remaining on the wheel hub with clothes of the right thickness. Remember to handle it carefully and not leave any old oil stains. Then apply new oil to replace the old mixture that has run out of lubricating capacity.

Step 2

After cleaning and applying a new oil, we will need to continue working with the bleeder part. More specifically, it would help if you used a wrench to loosen the dust cover and loosen but not altogether remove the bleeder. Then connect the port to a clear plastic tube and store the oil with an empty bottle during flow.

Step 3

It is the stage where you will need to ask for help. At this point, when you have prepared the fluid transmission line, you need to notify the support person to proceed to apply the brake on the vehicle. 

This action will give the liquid a chance to move where it needs to go. Then wait for it to stop moving, close the drain, and stop applying the brakes. Finally, repeat this a few times until the liquid is clear.

Step 4

The liquid that comes out is clear, but make sure the tank is still full of oil or air will enter, causing a system leak. Finally, pour the new liquid into the cylinder. And re-install the wheel; if you see that the wheel has deteriorated, you can replace it and then make arbitrary adjustments.


Above is all the necessary information to bleed the abs module without a scan tool. Hopefully, the amount of knowledge contained in today’s article can make it easier for you to manipulate, thereby making car maintenance and repair more friendly.

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