How Often Should You Start Your Car?

A car is probably a vehicle that almost everyone owns. You can use your car to get anywhere you want. For example, you are going to work, going out, or even going on a long trip.

However, not everyone will often travel by car. When not in use, the engine inside the vehicle will also stop working. Failure to start your car regularly will cause your vehicle a few problems.

So, how often should you start your car? Experts recommend that you start your car after about 2-3 weeks to warm up the engine. Let’s learn more about this issue and how to keep your car stable for a long time.

What Happens If The Car Is Not Started For A Long Time?

Have you ever wondered how your car will become if it is left idle for a long time? Many people think it is okay to have a vehicle to rest in the garage for a long time. But that is a wrong view.

The first sign of a car not starting too long is the engine freezing. The components are always at rest and do not receive any fuel to warm up. This phenomenon will make your car very difficult to start or feel sluggish.

In addition, the fuel will also absorb moisture and affect the quality when you use the car again. Even if you don’t start the car for about 8 weeks, the parts will gradually erode. You will have to spend a lot of money to fix this case.

How Often Should You Start Your Car?

How Often Should You Start Your Car

If you are not a regular car user, this article is for you. Instead of spending a lot of money to repair your car, you can choose to start the vehicle periodically to keep the vehicle in a stable state.

Specifically, mechanical experts advise that you open the car engine after about 2-3 weeks. This maintenance will help the engine to always keep a stable temperature. It will also prevent the fuel inside the vehicle from clogging up. Oil will also flow inside each part to protect them from corrosion.

How To Keep A Car Stable When Not In Use?

During car hibernation, you can apply some measures to help prolong its life. Here are some methods you can take:

Keep your car in a suitable place.

The storage location is one of the most critical factors in keeping your car well-maintained. It would help if you chose a dry and ventilated place such as an indoor garage. This position will help your vehicle spend the rest of the day without problems from the outside environment.

On the other hand, you should not park your car for a long time on the sidewalk on the street. This location has a lot of factors that affect the quality of your vehicle, For example, the weather. Heavy rains or in the winter will create problems freezing your engine.

Change car oil

Changing car oil is the method for owners who need to keep their car for about 4-6 weeks. When vehicles are left idle for a long time, internal components show signs of corrosion or rust. Therefore, changing the car oil is the solution.

For such cases, you can use Supertech oil. Lubricating oil will form a protective coating for the engine. Parts will not experience deterioration after not starting for a long time. At the same time, they will be able to operate smoothly immediately when you use the car again.

Car battery charger

All vehicles will have one battery pack to transmit power and control all components. However, if you do not use the car for a long time, the car battery will gradually run out. According to a car report, a vehicle that does not turn on for about 6 weeks will cause the car battery to run out of energy.

So, if you cannot use the car continuously, it is best to ask a relative to start your car. If you cannot seek help from anyone, you can purchase an additional automatic charger. This product will connect to your car’s battery and provide enough power to keep your vehicle fully charged.

Tire check

The tires will be the most seriously affected when the car stops in one position for too long. The weight of the vehicle will rest on this part. The wheel will be unusable in the long run, and you will need to replace it with a new one.

The best way is to inflate the tires before storing them. You can also ask someone else to drive your car to a specific location to help restore the elasticity of the part.

Also, if you need to keep the car for more than 4 weeks, you should disassemble the wheel. This method will help you keep your tires in top condition.

Prevent alien creatures

Places like the garage in the house are often hot. However, this will also become an opportunity for strange creatures to invade. Rodents will nest around your car.

Therefore, you need to prepare measures to prevent mice from entering the car. You can use steel grating to close these positions. These rodents will not be able to get inside and damage your beloved vehicle.

Not only that, you can also use items such as mothballs, peppermint oil, etc. Rats hate the smell of these products. It would help if you also prepared traps or rat poison around the car. Thanks to that, they will not be able to get close to your car.

Fill up with fuel

Fuel is one of the products that play a role in creating energy to help a vehicle operate. So, if you can’t use the vehicle for about a month, you can fill the tank with gas to keep the engine running.

In addition, you should close the gas cap tightly to prevent moisture from entering the interior. Moist air from the outside environment will dilute the fuel. They are also the cause of rust accumulation of the engine.


Starting and moving the vehicle continuously keeps your car in a stable state. However, if you cannot use your car regularly, you need to take good care of your car to continue to drive regularly.

Instead of spending a lot of money on repairs, why don’t you take good care of your car during its rest? Hopefully, the above article has helped you gain more helpful information about the time you need to start your car periodically and preserve it effectively.

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