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TriCamp Virgin: Georgina

10th May 2017

Georgie’s inside view of a week on Camp

It had taken a few months and lots of talking with Julian and roping in a friend before Stephanie and I finally booked onto my first Triathlon Camp: Camp #10 1st-May-6th May. What had I done?

Nerves and excitement were building leading up to this week, and when I received a little box on my doorstep from ETE with lots of goodies for the week: SOS hydration, Veloforte nutrition, Water Bottle, ETE towel, and best of all an ETE T-Shirt I realized this was happening.

Our journey to the airport started at 2am and as soon as we got there we  started trying to identify anyone that resembled a Triathlete. We finally found someone in the queue, wearing an Ironman top:  Annie, who was an amazing lady on her bike.

Boarding the plane was the first of my fears. At least it meant I got to meet the pilot!

We arrived in Cyprus to met by a driver and fellow athlete Richard, so the four of us made the short 15min journey to the hotel. What a beautiful place. My room had a pool view with the mountains in the distance: my home for the week.

After finding the delights of the evening buffet and meeting a few more fellow campers, it was Bike Building time. This is where the team spirit started. Laughs and finding out about each other had started and put us all at ease for that evening.

6.30am Alarm, this was it, training begins!  We were met in Reception at 7.30am to walk down to the pool for 8am.  This felt slightly surreal.

Now if anyone follows me on social media you will realise that after flying my next big fear is swimming in a public pool (don’t ask!) As we walked into the pool area, Perry Agass was there with his elite squad who were already swimming. This wasn’t nerve racking at all. I think this was going to be the quietest the group would be all week.

We got told to get ready and get in but it wasn’t happening, I couldn’t get in! Luckily Perry was already aware of my fear and just gave me a kick board and said just get comfortable in the water, don’t worry about trying to swim! Phew!! So picture this: Elite Squad in one lane, a mixture of abilities in two other lanes and me with a kick board!

The best picture of the whole week is of us all lined up, looking like we are in a firing line, and me just trying to get out!!

Finally the swim was over and we could head back for breakfast. I now know what all this fuss was about with the buffet. My staple diet of the week consisted of Pancakes, Nutella and fresh Orange segments.

Like every day we then had a couple of hours just to chill, before the next session.

Monday consisted of a TT Bike session. This was the part I loved, and being able to ride with some of the elite squad was amazing

Monday consisted of a TT Bike session. This was the part I loved, and being able to ride with some of the elite squad was amazing. It will be the only time I will ever be able to draft Daz Parker.

After that every morning started with a swim. My goal for this camp was to come away with more confidence and to be able to swim with others. With Perry’s reassurance and patience, by Wednesday I had got in and I was attempting to swim with the others. By Friday I’d swum over 1K: an achievement for me, and mission accomplished for this camp.

Through the rest of the week there were a mixture of Bike sessions, Track Sessions, group and recovery runs, and talks about the Trisutto methods. I couldn’t get enough notes and tips!

To be honest I could write forever about my week: there is so much to tell and say.  Friday Evening was a highlight: we went out out for a team meal with Matt and Laura coming along. That evening I think we all realized what a fab team we had for that week and one I definitely want to repeat.

To finish off the camp we all got to go in the sea on Saturday morning. At this point I just wanted to bottle up this whole experience, from not wanting to come on camp to now not wanting to leave.

Don’t think these camps are for just the elite – they are not and the whole team behind these camps, Julian, Perry, the guys at MokaPot and the elite athletes made the week.  You couldn’t have asked for better from the team. Camp #10 – Stephanie, Roz , Rob, Annie, Manon, Sion, Stuart, Richard, Rob, Helen, Sophie Thank you.

I’m determined to go back to ETE’s 2018 camps a different athlete!



Camp Report
Posted By Julian Hucker
Date 10th May 2017