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How proud can you be of someone else’s achievements?

26th July 2017

ETE has helped support several athletes train over the winter and race this season. Daz Parker is returning from injury and I’m sure she’ll be back soon For Laura, Matt and Seb it was a great weekend’s racing:

  • Laura Fidler: 2nd at English Middle Distance Championships (despite the best efforts of the locals!)
  • Seb Garry: 2nd at the Castle Howard Olympic Triathlon, his first race after an extended lay-off.
  • Matt Leeman: 3rd at the Outlaw Full, breaking the swim record by 2minutes.

But it didn’t stop there:

  • The ETE Relay Team (essentially a scratch team) were 5th at the Outlaw
  • Athletes who’d been on camp this year achieved or exceeded their goals at London, the Outlaw, and a variety of other races over the weekend.
  • The results kept flying in.

How come I felt so proud and emotional?

It wasn’t me who’d trained and trained through the winter (my own training woes are another story). I didn’t race this weekend. I’d not advised or coached any of the athletes (all the athletes that we’ve supported are coached by Perry Agass). I wasn’t related to any of them. I’d not even met some of the athletes who’d been through our camps.

Perhaps there’s an element of living your life through others. And the atmosphere at the Outlaw is fantastic. And yet it’s more than that.

ETE is a business. We raised funds through Crowdcube earlier this year to build the most trusted and recognisable brand in triathlon training camps and we’re making great progress.

But there’s also a sense that we’re doing something right, and very special. And this weekend it felt like it all came together.

The ETE camps benefit from training alongside Perry’s squad. It creates the intangible “buzz” that the athletes who have been on camp so enjoy. The coaching, and the facilities, and the atmosphere and camaraderie combine to push those athletes on. And that energy builds and combines to create something more than just a business. Something that feels like it’s going to be very very big and very very successful.

Maybe it was just the sunshine or the buckets of caffeine. But I was very proud this weekend of everything that has been achieved collectively. And very excited about where we’re going.

Watch this space!

Posted By Julian Hucker
Date 26th July 2017