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Matt Leeman Bike @ IMW

An update from Matt on negotiating his way through the chocolate over the festive period

Borgarbyggo Glacier Iceland

Beginning of the end or end of the beginning? I’d hoped that this would be the month that I’d find out whether I’d qualified for the World... Read More


Blueseventy and ETE TriCamps have confirmed the continuation of their partnership for 2018. Eight elite athletes will benefit from wearing... Read More

Matt Leeman XC

The first of Matt Leeman's training and racing diaries for the 2018 season. "This time is essential: as I’m not getting bogged down in... Read More

Eva Capps surfing at Bigbury South Devon

Our 1st Surf Fitness Camp

19th October 2017

When the triathlon season is done, if you have an intense structure training plan like myself it is very important to have a break both mentally and... Read More

Laura on the podium @ IRONMAN Italy

Embrace your fears

26th September 2017

So, the final show down came around: IRONMAN Italy… my first IRONMAN! As it loomed closer I started to panic, started to question whether I was... Read More

Matt Leeman IMW Swim Exit

This whole year has been about me gearing up to be able to race at an international professional level. That meant no corners could be cut and I had... Read More

Laura Fidler Ironman 70.3 Cascais

Its always strikes me during race season how many people go into races not really being properly prepared for the task ahead. Even if you are not... Read More

Proud Man

A great weekend's racing for the athletes that ETE has helped support, campers, and the wider ETE family. But I spent the weekend looking on. How... Read More

Team Sky Wahoo Kickrs

Wahoo KICKR - Best Indoor Trainer ever? It’s old news that indoor cycling is the friend of the triathlete. But I've never got on with Turbo... Read More

Herning Start

Half-ironman – me? For Team GB? Just a couple of years ago, I had no idea this was on the cards, but small steps led me, little by little, to the... Read More


blueseventy and ETE have formed a partnership based on the best quality equipment and triathlon training camps. ETE has recently completed a... Read More

Lanterne Rouge

Lanterne Rouge

16th May 2017

This is a great read, not lasting much more than 1 1/2 flights to or from Paphos. The Lanterne Rouge (named after the red light on the back of a... Read More

Outlaw Bike Number

We're delighted to announce that we'll be running the Outlaw Training Camps again in March 2018 in Paphos, Cyprus.

Georgie & Roz

TriCamp Virgin Georgie's tales of overcoming her fear of flying and public swimming pools to crack a week on camp!

Louella O’Herlihy

Louella was on camp with us in February 2017 in Paphos, Cyprus having qualified for the Europeans. She gave us this race report on an eventful day

Matt Leeman

Matt Leeman is part of Perry Agass' elite TriSutto squad, based in Cyprus. Matt is in good company with a squad that includes a 2x Olympian and World... Read More