How To Remove Window Tint Glue? 3 Simple Ways

how to remove window tint glue

Privacy is always a top concern when you own a car. To prevent outside glances from entering your vehicle, you can choose to stick dark films to limit the visibility of people around. However, this product cannot be used forever. Once the films have been exposed to sunlight long enough, they will tear or indirectly … Read more

How To Reset Miles On A Car?

How To Reset Miles On A Car

Car exchanges are nothing new these days. When you no longer need to use your vehicle, you can sell it to someone else at a discounted price. In addition, you can also buy back someone else’s old car if you don’t have enough money to pay for a new car. As the exchange goes on, … Read more

Toyota Bluetooth Add Greyed Out: How To Fix !!!

Toyota Bluetooth Add Greyed Out

Connecting a car Bluetooth speaker is a favorite feature of all drivers. However, this feature does not always work effectively. You discovered the problem of Toyota Bluetooth greyed out but didn’t know how to solve it. Don’t worry, and this article will help you quickly and effectively fix this problem. Please refer to the following … Read more

How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last?

How Long Does A Car Thermostat Last

The thermostat is in charge of monitoring and regulating the coolant’s temperature in your vehicle’s motor. Because the thermostat operates when your car is working, it will wear out over time. So, how long does a car thermostat last?  The thermostat typically lasts ten years. However, for many automobiles, the case may be different. This … Read more

How Much Horsepower Does An Intake Add?

How Much Horsepower Does An Intake Add

The intake is in charge of the supply of air into the combustion chamber of your automobile. It’s a popular performance enhancement due to the enhanced power it offers for the engine.  So, how much horsepower does an intake add? In general, the intake system can enhance horsepower from 5 to 15 HP in a … Read more