How To Rev A Car? 4 Basic Steps To Follow

How To Rev A Car

Rev car is probably no longer a strange term for speed enthusiasts and top-notch racing. However, for some other users, this term may be pretty new. Because, in typical situations in everyday life, we rarely need to rev our vehicle.  To help you know more about the benefits and limitations of this action, today’s article … Read more

How To Clean Pistons Without Removing?

How To Clean Pistons Without Removing

The fuel mixture will continuously act on the piston surface during engine operation. Over time this will create stubborn plaques that will adhere to the part. Therefore, we will have to regularly pay attention to this critical position’s cleaning.  But to reach deep inside the engine was difficult, let alone clean. So, today’s article will … Read more

How Often Should You Start Your Car?

How Often Should You Start Your Car

A car is probably a vehicle that almost everyone owns. You can use your car to get anywhere you want. For example, you are going to work, going out, or even going on a long trip. However, not everyone will often travel by car. When not in use, the engine inside the vehicle will also … Read more

How to bypass ADS relay ? – 3 Steps

How to bypass ASD relay

How to bypass ADS relay? If you are a professional mechanic or a car enthusiast, you will surely know this phrase. But if you don’t know, that’s okay. In the article below, we will introduce you more to this topic. Thanks to this method, many cars have avoided unexpected problems such as stalling, engine failure, … Read more

CV Joint Noise When Driving Straight

CV Joint Noise When Driving Straight

There will be a part called the CV joint underneath the car of FWD cars (front-wheel drive). This device can connect the transmission to help the wheel move. From there, the vehicle can operate according to the will of the driver. However, CV joints have a relatively short service life, so they are easy to … Read more